Squid rings marinated with fresh herbs & garlic paste then deep fried, served with tartare sauce.
Crab meat blended with Goan spices and deep fried, served with tartare sauce

Deep-fried spring roll stuffed with white cabbage, carrots, sweet corn, peas and traditional herbs & spices, served with Tamarind sauce. (Best replacement for Vegetable Samosa)
Fresh cottage cheese strips stir-fried with green chillies and spices.

Lightly spiced whitebait served with tartare sauce and a wedge of lemon.
Boneless chicken pieces coated in a creamy cashew nut marinade, flavoured with chef’s special spices. (Manager’s recommendation)

Tandoori home smoked salmon flavoured with mustard and dill, served with mint and coriander chutney
Mini puris filled with chicken, prawn, or mixed vegetables cooked with chef’s special spice.

The ever popular spiced onion fritters.
Tandoori grilled black king prawns marinated in yoghurt and secret chef’s recipe, served with mint and coriander chutney

A choice of bite-sized pieces of chicken or lamb -in a marinade of coriander, green chilli, mint and yoghurt, skewered and grilled in the clay oven.
Minced chicken tikka with fresh green herbs wrapped in pastry, served with tamarind sauce

Tawa Grilled, Spice Crusted Baby Lamb Chops, served with mint and coriander chutney.
Combination of malai tikka, spring roll, onion bhaji and tawa lamb chop.

Blue India Grills

Half a spring chicken on the bone delicately spiced, marinated and slowly cooked in the tandoor, giving it that distinctive char-grilled flavour.
Tawa Grilled, Spice Crusted Baby Lamb Chops, served with mint and coriander chutney

A choice of bite-sized pieces of marinated chicken or lamb, -roasted with onions, tomatoes and green peppers.
King prawns marinated in chef’s own special marinade and grilled in the tandoor with onions, tomatoes and peppers.

Tandoori home- smoked salmon flavoured with mustard and dill. (Manager’s recommendation.)
A medley of king prawn , salmon, lamb chop, malai tikka and tandoori chicken.

Sea bass fillet marinated in fresh herbs and spices and grilled in the tandoor. Served with chef’s special side sauce. (Chef’s recommendation.)
Paneer roasted with onions, tomatoes and green peppers.

Presidential Chef's Special

Whole breast of chicken stuffed with minced meat, and roasted in the oven and then cooked with garlic, ginger paste and mustard seed flavoured sauce garnished with boiled egg.
Fillet of tilapia or whole sea bass cooked with fresh ginger, garlic, coriander, spring onion, flavour sauce, garnish with cauliflower & broccoli.

Bite-size oxtail marinated overnight with fresh ground spices slowly cooked in madras sauce with a twist. (Chef recommendation.)
Whole Breast Chicken (Off The Bone) cooked with Red Wine. Hot And Spicy. Chef’s Secret Recipe. This Dish Is Addictive! (Manager’s recommendation)

Chicken or fillet of Seabass cooked with mustard seeds, whole methi, coconut milk, Goan red chillies & curry leaves
Chicken or lamb tikka slices cooked with brandy and chef’s secret recipe and served in red hot sizzler with fire

Unique dish cooked with 18 different spices
King sized prawn marinated and infused with light tomato sauce and freshly grounded black pepper.

A superb cut of lamb given the traditional Goan treatment, full of flavour, spiced with onion, tomatoes and coriander. Not be missed.
Beef in a full flavoured massala. Roasted star anise, javantri, fenugreek, red Goan chillies, coconut and cinnamon all contribute to the stunning flavour of this regional dish. Lemon rice recommended to accompany this dish.

Chicken or lamb in a hot sauce of ginger, garlic, tomatoes, onion and coconut. A delicacy of chettinand.
Tender pieces of grilled lamb or chicken in garlic and chilli sauce. Hot, spicy and full of flavour.

A true biryani. Your choice of vegetables, chicken or lamb, cooked with Himalayan basmati rice in a sealed pot, flavoured with cardamom, cinnamon and clove. Served with mixed vegetable curry or bhuna sauce.
A medley of sea food. A mild curry using crab meat, king prawn, fish, squid and coconut milk.

Most popular North Indian dish paneer cooked in tomato butter sauce, Full of flavour.
A keralan speciality of diced lamb with desiccated coconut cooked to a spicy dry finish.

House Specials

Britain’s most popular dish with a twist. A choice of chicken or lamb tikka in a creamy sauce of fresh tomatoes, butter and cream.
Tender pieces of lamb or chicken yield to a secret coriander and mint marinade to make a succulent, delicious and memorable dish

Vegetables, chicken or lamb cooked with cherry tomatoes and butter creamy sauce
Chicken, lamb or black king prawns cooked in calamansi juice, lemon leaf and naga chilli. A crisp, hot and tangy flavour.

A parsee dish: hot sweet sour with lentils.
Delicious curry with green spinach medium to taste.

Tender pieces of lamb or chicken cooked in a mild creamy sauce with red wine.
A popular dish, cooked with tomatoes, onions and coriander, fairly spicy.

A rich hot curry with onions, ginger, capsicums, tomatoes and fresh green chillies.
A truly authentic dish. One of the most popular dishes of the Asian sub-continent. Hot and spicy for true curry lovers.

A rich hot curry cooked with naga pickle. (Vampires beware!)

Traditional Menu

Mild dish of cream and coconut.
Cooked in a traditional home style with ground spice.

A well- spiced thorough-bred dish, fairly hot to taste.
A very hot dish with potatoes.

A drier than usual curry, packed with flavour.
A medium flavoured dish, cooked with whole spices and garnished with fried onions.

Medium dish with green herbs in a rich sauce of cherry tomatoes.
Hot, sweet and sour with a thick tomato and onion sauce.


Dry mixed vegetable curry.
A famous Bombay dish of sliced potatoes tossed with aromatic spices.

Sliced button mushrooms tossed with aromatic spices, onion and tomatoes.
Spinach with braised onions and potatoes.

Lentils with fried garlic tarka.
Sliced button mushrooms cooked with spinach.

Fresh spinach cooked with chunks of paneer.
Corn assorted with pimentos in flavourful karahi masala

Sliced courgette flavoured with garlic and cumin.
Broccoli tossed with garlic, onion and cheese

Cauliflower florets, green peas tempered with cumin and turmeric.
A choice of any three side vegetable dishes from above.


With vegetable and onion filling.

With Mutton mince meat

Stuffed paratha with fresh vegetables



Cool whipped yoghurt with cucumber or onion

Indian style green salad.
Served with chutney tray at £0.75 per person extra
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